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ancer Testimonial
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My name is Linda Welden. In April 2008, at age 54, I was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Two tumors had blocked ninety percent of my right lung, and there was concern that
My lung could collapse. It was then that I began my journey into the World of Sickness
Unfortunately, as an ex-smoker who had always used chemicals to clean my home, the
Combination of everyday stress, exposure to toxins, pesticides, highly processed foods
And much more had left my immune system vulnerable. I took Immunocal, but not
Faithfully, and I didn’t take enough to stop the invasion of cancer that was attacking
My body. I knew I needed more ammunition. As soon as I was diagnosed, I went
On Three packs of Immunocal Platinum and one pack of Immunocal, and I took it
Faithfully every day.
I asked my physicians to review the literature and research on this product. After they
Did so, they gave me their approval to stay on Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum.
My chemo and radiation treatments began at the beginning of May and ended in
August. The doctors were impressed at how well I did and the results were great.
The tumors decreased in size tremendously and I had no major side effects during my
In September, I went on two packs of Immunocal Platinum and two of Immunocal.
In January, my doctors were pleased to let me know the results of my latest CT scan-
There had been no new growth and I am now in remission.
You may be reading this and thinking “It won`t happen to me: I`m healthy“ Well, I felt
The same way, but it happened to me. It can unfortunately, happen to anyone.
The good news is that when you believe in something and you have faith and hope –
And when you give your body what it needs to fight this invader that has taken over
Your body, then you have the power and control to plow through any challenge.
Trust and faith in your medical team is just as important in the battle. There is no
Doubt in my mind how this amazing product helped me, along with my doctors who
Took such great interest in my health. I don`t know if I would be here otherwise.
It is now my mission to reach out and encourage people everywhere to take Immunocal
To keep their cells healthy. If you are facing any health challenge, Immunocal will help
Your body fight the war. I feel truly blessed because I found this amazing product. I
Continue to have a positive attitude: to choose hope over fear.
If you would like information about the benefits Immunocal, don’t hesitate to contact
Me. I would be honored to help you in any way I can.
To Your Good Health.
Linda Welden


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