Life Is Like An Ocean   Leave a comment

There is a house built by the sea in lstarska, Croatia that stairway leads into the ocean. Can you imagine every day wading through the water to where you needed to be ?

I think life is a lot like that we must wade through our way of people to find the ones that are receptive to your ideas,or your advice or willingness to listen to what you have to say.

I realize that it would take alot of effort to wade deep into the waters to get to our destiny and what if when we arrived finally it was not how we perceived it to be do we wade back

and never attempt again to make the effort of that difficult trip or do we go forward regain our thoughts perhaps master a new technique to get through the water. So I see our travels to success being very similar to wading through that water. It is up to us I believe

to how we go about our challenges and goals,perhaps we need to change our technique of how we wade through the water or what we do when we get to our destination.

What do you think?







Posted April 23, 2012 by jayci3 in Uncategorized

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