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Relationships we usually think of with the people we know and not always think about our

relationship with our animals, or our best fiends. Unlike people, all  they want is our love.

I want to tell you a little story I want get  in depth about this, but to say my husband lost

his black lab some years back, which I felt responsible for as I left a gate open, my heart

ached and his tears dropped with sorrow. After that we bought a golden retriever which we

loved tremendously.  Unfortunately we lost him 2 years ago. I was inconsoleable. My

husband seeing such grief in me went out and brought home a little dachsund mix. I of course

fell in love with her and still have her to this day.  But I knew my husband  still had never

got over his loss.  Coincidentally my son got out of direct law enforcement and took a position

as Director over Animal Control for the county.  A couple of weeks ago he called me about a

black lab they had gotten in that had been abused.  I thought and pondered over this for days

then finally something told me to just go get him.  He is beautiful and so very sweet. I had

them load him up and brought him home.   The immediate love I saw in my husbands eyes

was heart felt. Now things seem complete. Pepper is now safe given lots of love and soothed

the loss my husband had felt for so many years.  Pepper is still adjusting but I believe he

realizes he is safe and home.  Yes this is a personal story but felt compelled to write about it.


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  1. This is wonderful! Pepper is one lucky dog! 🙂


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