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Many people do not understand what is going on with their own bodies. They even actually

believe they are healthy as they feel they are doing all the “right” things. As a 30 yr. veteran

nurse, I have seen many things, as heart nurse, intensive care, surgery, recovery, progressive

care, physicians  office and insurance determination, and chemo nurse. Yes I have seen

heart attacks, surgeries and general care of all types of patients.  They believed that they were

Healthy. Lying dormant in your body is potentially the ability to develop all kinds of disease

including cancer cells. Ah but did you know this. So thinking you are healthy and being

healthy are two different worlds.  You can be eating the right things, exercising, etc. and

suddenly die of a heart attack, be diagnosed with cancer or some other disease state totally

unexpected happened whether you knew someone, saw it on television, for example,

Tim Russet from “Meet The Press” , John Ritter, “Threes Company”, more recently from

cancer, Donna Summers, just to name a few.  When people like these die you often start

questioning the possibilities.

Now that I hope I have your attention I want to discuss some simple things medically. We

all have cells in our body, this I think most people know. It is how these cells work that is

important.  Inside of our cells from birth we have something called Glutithione, but as

we grow we lose some every day, thus we start aging.  Glutithione is like the mother of

antioxidents.  It is what makes  everything in the cell work properly.  When the cell is not

working properly we get unhealthy cells, reproduced unhealthy, often short lived cells and

thus the begining of “bad cells” getting in such as cancer cells that are already waiting lying

dormant.   A long time ago, a doctor and scientist, by the name of Dr. Gustavo Beuonuos,

the grandfather of whey proteins, decided there had to be a way to get the Glutithione back

to higher levels. He researched this for 30 yrs.   He came upon difficulties, one being

pasturization which almost made him give up until he saw something on pastureization and

temperature and at that point it all clickedHe went back to the drawing board now knowing

the piece of the puzzle that was missing.  He went on to find the exact stepping stones to raise

the Glutithione at the cellular levelAnd hence became the product, Immunocal.  A product

that helps repair damaged cells, and therefore produces healthy cells that keep the “bad cells”

out. When our cells divide and multiply which happens constantly, we are able to produce

cells that live longerare healthier and become  dominant over unhealthy cells. All this

makes for a healthy immune system, which is very imrpotant. Immunotec spends millions

on research, presently with studies in the States and Canada on LouGerigs, Aging, Autism,

and four stage lung cancer all of which lasts approximately 2 yrs, but have been going on

for a year at least to date.  We have completed 40 human clinical trials, and are patented in

over 70 states and expandingFor anyone who is interested in becoming healthy or would

like to earn a substantial income I would suggest you check out Immunotec.  For health

interest on products and science or patents you may visit my  website at

http://www.immunotec.com/jcb.  For your information I do in most cases, especially low income

give discounts to individuals. There is one other site  http://www.i mmunohealthylifestyles.com

I hope this has been informative to you and look forward to seeing you on the other side.


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