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Ah, this sleepy little town, Gilbert, which I am on the border of, has gone into it’s hibernation for the day to observe our beloved veterans for which by the way I am very humbled by and salute them for ultimate sacrifice they
give for us and our country. Today all is somewhat like a ghost town as the people of the community celebrate with their friends or families. As there are no major chains here grocery or otherwise. Gilbert’s
Community is very strict as to any business that desire to locate here. There is no red light even to make you wait for the little traffic that does occur. No sir, not here although the area is large and extends to the large Lake in South Carolina, the little town itself likes to keep things simple and the community prefers it that way. A pharmacy in the main town was finally allowed in but it did take a few years before the town of people resolved to actually using it, but no trips there today as it will be closed. This little pharmacy has grown though and has even two
locations now. You can find many things though even orthopedic type
shoes, very nice ones at that. Today some of the community may be saddened by its’ closing though because they just recently added an ice cream bar ooh and looks yummy taste test fantastic! So most people will be at home with family or friends or on the lake today. The ex-Mayor owns and operates the only feed store which anyone with animals you will likely see there as well usually one of the residential deputies just making sure all is well. If asked they will be more than happy to do a ride by to make sure all is well. I know when I owned a horse one of them used to ride by at night just to make sure he was alright. Can’t get any better than that people. Yes Gilbert knows that there is a larger town nearby which does have all the chains of foods people seek out and of course on this day many of locals will take that short trip for the delicious barbecue that a rather famous family owned restaurant has called “Shealys”. There are people that will come from all around just to taste some of their great barbecue, but don’t head there on a Sunday as it will be closed. In Gilbert, there is a nice Fire Department but they have already had their usual sell of barbecue of any type which they always sell once a year. The traffic, unless the
highly award winning schools let out is basically non existent today and
by the way there is no red light to control only the friendly community of people to wave you through. Yes today you will only find the local gas
station-Quick Shop for any needs you might have always willing to be of
help. So quiet the only sound you will hear are the birds, or farm animals talking, ahh the sweet sounds. So carry on sleepy little town and enjoy this great day to honor our veterans.


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