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Today, I am more concerned than ever about our young athletes. We see more and more about a young man dying from energy drinks combined with physical stress. This is breaking my heart. There is another option there is a product called E-Motion that is all natural is actually even good for the muscles getting more oxygen to them after a workout. More than ever before I am seeing so many taking energy shots or energy drinks not just the young but others who need to keep awake on their jobs. E-Motion is a natural alternative and still gives several hours of energy. This has become an epidemic with our young people and athletes today. It is available in a two forms and so easy to take no bad taste. Athletes often use E-Motion before their workouts and afterwards to help the muscles kind of revitalize giving them more oxygen where they need it.

I have used E-Motion myself when I needed a little bit of a boost going to two different softball fields and different times to see my granddaughters play when they were younger. It works! No ill effects just a renewed feeling of energy a normal energy no jitters or ill effects.

Parents listen up your young athletes do not need to be using the energy drinks and many things that are said to boost energy it does not have good things in it and can cause increased heart rate leading to possible heart issues or worse and in a young person. We have seen it on news about these young athletes and sports and what can happen. Please contact me if your child or young adult is using these drinks you may not even know it until the worse scenario happens. E-Motion is an all natural ingredient and safe. All of our products go through rigorous trials for a couple of years or more before ever being allowed on the market. Many go through very well known institutes before can be released. So all studies that could possibly be done are done.  So you do not have to worry when using our energy products. Safe, effective and works!  Please feel free to email me and I will be glad to help you get what you need.  Live for today and have energy that you actually will be happy about.

Our own Olympians have used our products under supervision and with awareness by the strictest of organization that know what our men and women are taking and have approved many of our products. At lease 500 Olympians were using our products under careful scrutiny and tested frequently and there was a 13% increase of performance.

I am hoping you read this article and consider what I have said you will not regret it. Thank you and have a great July 4th weekend!



Posted July 1, 2017 by jayci3 in Health

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