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Hello All, I do not know if you are an animal lover but I am so a animal lover.  Recently we decided to get another dog from the shelter as we do love dogs and all animals. This one is a big dog and loves to play as he is still a pup even though he does not look as one.  I think animal lovers have many things in common, of course their love of animals but also their desire to keep them healthy. If you have read any of my articles on Immunocal you will know perhaps why I’m writing this. Any of our animals can get sick or have problems and at times even a vet can not fix the problem no matter how they try. Well just for your information Immunocal can help animals just as it does humans. If you go to my site you will see in my health section a video that has to do with healing a dog with Immunocal. I have a few testimonials regarding this. One concerns animal that had a serious infection and involved bone as well. No matter how the vet tried there was nothing else she could do.  However the owner who took Immunocal himself had listened to a call speaking on this very subject. Well you can probably guess what I am going to say, in low doses he gaves his animal Immunocal for a few weeks and low and behold the infection cleared up and the vet was amazed. So many people who take Immunocal themselves give it to there animals in low doses to aid in keeping them healthy, protecting them from illness, and even curing them from infection that might arise. As a firm believer in Immunocal to raise the immune system naturally as in people it also helps animals, dogs, cats, horses. I have testimonials to this effect. My new dog by the way is extremely happy where he is and loves to be able to run around in the nature that surrounds us. He is getting quite thicker and larger now and still very playful. My little one likes to play with him sometimes until his large paws start over powering her and she definitely knows how to give him a piece of her little mind.  Dogs have always been a part of my life since childhood and I find the enormous love they have to give is very rewarding and at times just fascinating as just a rub or pat on their head or body will make that tail wag showing their appreciation.  If you have ever considered getting a dog or cat I suggest it highly as you will receive so much love for just giving them love, food, water and protection. There are so many animals who need just a loving home and they expect so little in return just a warm place in the cold weather and a cool place in summer and the food to nourish them. But do make sure you are willing to take this responsibility on and able to care for them.  It hurts my heart so to see animals that are in puppy mills and or abused. I honestly do not understand why anyone could care so less for a little innocent puppy or even a grown dog for that matter and would hope they would be given the sentence they deserve. Well that’s all today for Dog Days see you soon with updates!


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