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Hello All, I do not know if you are an animal lover but I am so a animal lover.  Recently we decided to get another dog from the shelter as we do love dogs and all animals. This one is a big dog and loves to play as he is still a pup even though he does not look as one.  I think animal lovers have many things in common, of course their love of animals but also their desire to keep them healthy. If you have read any of my articles on Immunocal you will know perhaps why I’m writing this. Any of our animals can get sick or have problems and at times even a vet can not fix the problem no matter how they try. Well just for your information Immunocal can help animals just as it does humans. If you go to my site you will see in my health section a video that has to do with healing a dog with Immunocal. I have a few testimonials regarding this. One concerns animal that had a serious infection and involved bone as well. No matter how the vet tried there was nothing else she could do.  However the owner who took Immunocal himself had listened to a call speaking on this very subject. Well you can probably guess what I am going to say, in low doses he gaves his animal Immunocal for a few weeks and low and behold the infection cleared up and the vet was amazed. So many people who take Immunocal themselves give it to there animals in low doses to aid in keeping them healthy, protecting them from illness, and even curing them from infection that might arise. As a firm believer in Immunocal to raise the immune system naturally as in people it also helps animals, dogs, cats, horses. I have testimonials to this effect. My new dog by the way is extremely happy where he is and loves to be able to run around in the nature that surrounds us. He is getting quite thicker and larger now and still very playful. My little one likes to play with him sometimes until his large paws start over powering her and she definitely knows how to give him a piece of her little mind.  Dogs have always been a part of my life since childhood and I find the enormous love they have to give is very rewarding and at times just fascinating as just a rub or pat on their head or body will make that tail wag showing their appreciation.  If you have ever considered getting a dog or cat I suggest it highly as you will receive so much love for just giving them love, food, water and protection. There are so many animals who need just a loving home and they expect so little in return just a warm place in the cold weather and a cool place in summer and the food to nourish them. But do make sure you are willing to take this responsibility on and able to care for them.  It hurts my heart so to see animals that are in puppy mills and or abused. I honestly do not understand why anyone could care so less for a little innocent puppy or even a grown dog for that matter and would hope they would be given the sentence they deserve. Well that’s all today for Dog Days see you soon with updates!


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Energy & Health   1 comment

Today, I am more concerned than ever about our young athletes. We see more and more about a young man dying from energy drinks combined with physical stress. This is breaking my heart. There is another option there is a product called E-Motion that is all natural is actually even good for the muscles getting more oxygen to them after a workout. More than ever before I am seeing so many taking energy shots or energy drinks not just the young but others who need to keep awake on their jobs. E-Motion is a natural alternative and still gives several hours of energy. This has become an epidemic with our young people and athletes today. It is available in a two forms and so easy to take no bad taste. Athletes often use E-Motion before their workouts and afterwards to help the muscles kind of revitalize giving them more oxygen where they need it.

I have used E-Motion myself when I needed a little bit of a boost going to two different softball fields and different times to see my granddaughters play when they were younger. It works! No ill effects just a renewed feeling of energy a normal energy no jitters or ill effects.

Parents listen up your young athletes do not need to be using the energy drinks and many things that are said to boost energy it does not have good things in it and can cause increased heart rate leading to possible heart issues or worse and in a young person. We have seen it on news about these young athletes and sports and what can happen. Please contact me if your child or young adult is using these drinks you may not even know it until the worse scenario happens. E-Motion is an all natural ingredient and safe. All of our products go through rigorous trials for a couple of years or more before ever being allowed on the market. Many go through very well known institutes before can be released. So all studies that could possibly be done are done.  So you do not have to worry when using our energy products. Safe, effective and works!  Please feel free to email me and I will be glad to help you get what you need.  Live for today and have energy that you actually will be happy about.

Our own Olympians have used our products under supervision and with awareness by the strictest of organization that know what our men and women are taking and have approved many of our products. At lease 500 Olympians were using our products under careful scrutiny and tested frequently and there was a 13% increase of performance.

I am hoping you read this article and consider what I have said you will not regret it. Thank you and have a great July 4th weekend!


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Lets Talk-When Developmental Disorders Strike   Leave a comment

Autism has long been a serious health condition.  The difficulties on family or affected children is on the rise as

is many behavioral or developmental disabilities.  Health Day News- states 1 in 6 US children now has a

developmental disability such as Autism, learning disorders, or attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity

disorder (ADHD) according to new research from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That number appears to be rising from about 12.8 percent in 1997-1999 to 15 percent in 2006-2008 or

an additional 1.8 million U.S. children.  Much of the cases seem to be driven by the rising ratio of autism

and ADHD experts say.  “The most important message here is rising awareness of the importance of this

as a health problem and one we need to address” said author Coleen Boyle, director of  the U.S. National

Center of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.  “Children are our future, and many of these

children can grow up to be productive citizens,  so we need to invest in programs to help facilitate their

development.”   The number of children is on the rise, or are parents and doctors getting better at detecting

cases?  One unanswered question is whether greater awareness and efforts to diagnose kids is the only

explanation, or if there are actually a greater percentage of kids who are being born with or developing

disabilities such as autism and ADHD in life. -(end Of Health Day)

At Immunotec we are proud of our ongoing researches with one of them being a 2 year study on Autism as follows:

NSU And Immunotec Start Clinical Trial In Autism

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and the dietary supplement company Immunotec announced that they will conduct a new research study to determine the effects of a supplement to improve behaviors in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.The 2-year study will investigate the effects of a cysteine-rich whey protein isolate in children diagnosed with autism. The primary function of this research is to establish whether taking a 90-day diet of cysteine-rich whey proteins (which comes in a powder form), will have a positive effect on autistic behaviors. Improvements in affected behaviors may result in an enhanced quality of life for both children and their families. During the clinical study, there will be an analysis of the children’s exhibited behaviors.Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder currently affecting as many as 1 in110 children in the United States. The conventional treatment for autism is centered on special schooling and behavioral therapy, and other conventional medical treatments. Whey protein isolate, which is used in this study, is a derivative of dairy product manufacturing, and is commonly used as a dietary supplement or food additive ingredient.The NSU-Immunotec study’s principal investigator is Ana Maria Castejon, Ph.D., who is an associate professor at NSU’s College of Pharmacy. She and her research team are very enthusiastic about the potential outcomes of this study. “Parents and caregivers are trying different approaches that have gained significant popularity, but have not been proven to be effective,” Castejon said.Gary S. Margules, Sc.D., Nova Southeastern University vice president of research and technology transfer, called the study an “outstanding example of the multidisciplinary approach to clinical research”.

Castejon is joined by co-investigators at NSU’s Mailman Segal Center for Human Development. These researchers have vast experience in children with developmental disorders, specifically in the area of autism behavior.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Margules, Dr. Castejon and their research team. This joint collaborative clinical research initiative marks an important milestone for Immunotec in the field of autism,” said John Molson, Vice- President Research & Development at Immunotec Inc.

Source: Nova Southeastern University

We have four particular studies going on right now in the U.S. and Canada but I particularly wanted to mention this
one as our children are our future.

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Is There Really A Solid Product For Health And Wellbeing?   Leave a comment

What is Immunocal Platinum?  An essential natural nutritional supplement that builds and protects your

Immune System.  Without a strong Immune System we are left vulnerable to all kinds of disease processes

including cancer.  We all have cancer cells in our body it is just when they could become active or dominant

whether we get cancer or not.  If you google Dr. Wulf Droge who was a world renowned physician and

scientist  who could have worked anywhere in the world, but chose to come to work  with Dr. Gustavo

Bounous, at Immunotec Research, the grandfather of whey proteins, and who discovered Immunocal, over

30 yrs ago.  Now one of our Drs. Jimmy Gutman, a physician and Professor at MGill University in Canada, and

a specialist in Glutithione is our medical advisor and travels all over the world speaking.  Dr. Gutman is the

author of many books on the effects of Glutithione.  Here is a run down on Platinum Immunocal.

Immunocal Platinum®
Immunocal Platinum has all the goodness
found in Immunocal with two additional
components added:
CMP™* (Cytokine M odulating Proteins):
Cytokines are small biologically active proteins used to coordinate the body’s immune response. Importantly, they
also act as signals in the immune system to turn on or off inflammation. CMP can modulate the inflammatory
response in cells and tissues. Inflammation plays a critical role in the development of many health problems, so
CMP is present to help act against soreness and inflammation.
RMF (Redox M odulating F ormula):
RMF includes a proprietary blend of naturally occurring citrate minerals, which act to lower acidity levels in the
body and serve to support its natural pH balance. This serves to support the healthy functioning of bones as we
age, supports the healthy functioning of kidneys, and is healthier for your wellbeing. RMF’s inclusion of creatine,
helps to maintain optimal lean-body muscle mass.
© 2009 Immunotec Inc.
*CMP is a trademark of Glanbia LLC
BABY BoomERs AND Older individuals
Athletes and people with daily physical stress

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POM pomegranate juice ads exaggerated health benefits, judge rules   Leave a comment

POM Wonderful has been taken to task for its health claims by a U.S. judge.


Liam Casey Staff Reporter

Pomegranate juice doesn’t prevent prostate cancer, stave off heart disease or scare away erectile dysfunction, a U.S. judge has ruled in the latest warning to companies exaggerating the health benefits of their products.

A Federal Trade Commission administrative law judge upheld a complaint that POM Wonderful misled consumers in 12 of 540 advertisements which made those claims.

“We are allowed to make more generalized health claims that the products are healthy and good for heart health, erectile health and prostate health,” said Corey Martin, a spokesman with Roll Global, which makes the juice.

“To claim at this time that taking pomegranate juice is the magic bullet that is going to cure these diseases is wrong,” said Venket Rao, a University of Toronto nutrition professor who studied antioxidants, found in abundance in fruits such as pomegranates, blueberries and tomatoes, for more than 20 years.

Lab studies have demonstrated that antioxidants are beneficial in chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis by protecting cell components from destructive molecules.

POM’s research, published in more than 70 peer-reviewed journals, has shown some compounds in pomegranate inhibit cancer cells and prevent its spread.

“The potential for antioxidants is there, without a doubt,” Rao said. “But they’ve only shown this in cell culture, which doesn’t mean it will happen in humans. They are stretching it too far.”

The ruling may have a catastrophic effect on the product.

“The packaging of POM is brilliant, it has premium position in grocery stores,” said Ken Wong, a marketing professor at Queen’s University. “But I think they didn’t need to make the claims as directly as they did and by doing so they have absolutely destroyed their brand.”

It’s unclear where POM Wonderful stands in Canada. The company didn’t answer questions about its advertising here. The product is currently being reclassified from a natural health product to a food, according to Health Canada, but regulations on health claims must be substantiated for both.

Health Canada would not say if POM Wonderful has made any health claims in this country.

Medical claims can have a huge impact on sales.

“In the gum industry, sales skyrocketed when it was found out that chewing gum was a reasonable stop gap when you can’t brush your teeth,” Wong said.

But there has been a crackdown lately on health claims in the United States.

In April, Ferrero lost a $3 million class action lawsuit because it said Nutella, a hazelnut spread, was part of a healthy breakfast. The suit revealed that the healthy part came from the bread and milk, not the Nutella.

And last week Skechers settled out of court for $40 million after it claimed its round-soled shoes helped people lose weight and tone lower body muscles. It was unfounded, although the company stands by its original claims and chose to settle to avoid a lengthy legal battle.

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Ah, this sleepy little town, Gilbert, which I am on the border of, has gone into it’s hibernation for the day to observe our beloved veterans for which by the way I am very humbled by and salute them for ultimate sacrifice they
give for us and our country. Today all is somewhat like a ghost town as the people of the community celebrate with their friends or families. As there are no major chains here grocery or otherwise. Gilbert’s
Community is very strict as to any business that desire to locate here. There is no red light even to make you wait for the little traffic that does occur. No sir, not here although the area is large and extends to the large Lake in South Carolina, the little town itself likes to keep things simple and the community prefers it that way. A pharmacy in the main town was finally allowed in but it did take a few years before the town of people resolved to actually using it, but no trips there today as it will be closed. This little pharmacy has grown though and has even two
locations now. You can find many things though even orthopedic type
shoes, very nice ones at that. Today some of the community may be saddened by its’ closing though because they just recently added an ice cream bar ooh and looks yummy taste test fantastic! So most people will be at home with family or friends or on the lake today. The ex-Mayor owns and operates the only feed store which anyone with animals you will likely see there as well usually one of the residential deputies just making sure all is well. If asked they will be more than happy to do a ride by to make sure all is well. I know when I owned a horse one of them used to ride by at night just to make sure he was alright. Can’t get any better than that people. Yes Gilbert knows that there is a larger town nearby which does have all the chains of foods people seek out and of course on this day many of locals will take that short trip for the delicious barbecue that a rather famous family owned restaurant has called “Shealys”. There are people that will come from all around just to taste some of their great barbecue, but don’t head there on a Sunday as it will be closed. In Gilbert, there is a nice Fire Department but they have already had their usual sell of barbecue of any type which they always sell once a year. The traffic, unless the
highly award winning schools let out is basically non existent today and
by the way there is no red light to control only the friendly community of people to wave you through. Yes today you will only find the local gas
station-Quick Shop for any needs you might have always willing to be of
help. So quiet the only sound you will hear are the birds, or farm animals talking, ahh the sweet sounds. So carry on sleepy little town and enjoy this great day to honor our veterans.

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Understanding Your Health   Leave a comment

Many people do not understand what is going on with their own bodies. They even actually

believe they are healthy as they feel they are doing all the “right” things. As a 30 yr. veteran

nurse, I have seen many things, as heart nurse, intensive care, surgery, recovery, progressive

care, physicians  office and insurance determination, and chemo nurse. Yes I have seen

heart attacks, surgeries and general care of all types of patients.  They believed that they were

Healthy. Lying dormant in your body is potentially the ability to develop all kinds of disease

including cancer cells. Ah but did you know this. So thinking you are healthy and being

healthy are two different worlds.  You can be eating the right things, exercising, etc. and

suddenly die of a heart attack, be diagnosed with cancer or some other disease state totally

unexpected happened whether you knew someone, saw it on television, for example,

Tim Russet from “Meet The Press” , John Ritter, “Threes Company”, more recently from

cancer, Donna Summers, just to name a few.  When people like these die you often start

questioning the possibilities.

Now that I hope I have your attention I want to discuss some simple things medically. We

all have cells in our body, this I think most people know. It is how these cells work that is

important.  Inside of our cells from birth we have something called Glutithione, but as

we grow we lose some every day, thus we start aging.  Glutithione is like the mother of

antioxidents.  It is what makes  everything in the cell work properly.  When the cell is not

working properly we get unhealthy cells, reproduced unhealthy, often short lived cells and

thus the begining of “bad cells” getting in such as cancer cells that are already waiting lying

dormant.   A long time ago, a doctor and scientist, by the name of Dr. Gustavo Beuonuos,

the grandfather of whey proteins, decided there had to be a way to get the Glutithione back

to higher levels. He researched this for 30 yrs.   He came upon difficulties, one being

pasturization which almost made him give up until he saw something on pastureization and

temperature and at that point it all clickedHe went back to the drawing board now knowing

the piece of the puzzle that was missing.  He went on to find the exact stepping stones to raise

the Glutithione at the cellular levelAnd hence became the product, Immunocal.  A product

that helps repair damaged cells, and therefore produces healthy cells that keep the “bad cells”

out. When our cells divide and multiply which happens constantly, we are able to produce

cells that live longerare healthier and become  dominant over unhealthy cells. All this

makes for a healthy immune system, which is very imrpotant. Immunotec spends millions

on research, presently with studies in the States and Canada on LouGerigs, Aging, Autism,

and four stage lung cancer all of which lasts approximately 2 yrs, but have been going on

for a year at least to date.  We have completed 40 human clinical trials, and are patented in

over 70 states and expandingFor anyone who is interested in becoming healthy or would

like to earn a substantial income I would suggest you check out Immunotec.  For health

interest on products and science or patents you may visit my  website at  For your information I do in most cases, especially low income

give discounts to individuals. There is one other site  http://www.i

I hope this has been informative to you and look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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