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Dog Days   Leave a comment

Hello All, I do not know if you are an animal lover but I am so a animal lover.  Recently we decided to get another dog from the shelter as we do love dogs and all animals. This one is a big dog and loves to play as he is still a pup even though he does not look as one.  I think animal lovers have many things in common, of course their love of animals but also their desire to keep them healthy. If you have read any of my articles on Immunocal you will know perhaps why I’m writing this. Any of our animals can get sick or have problems and at times even a vet can not fix the problem no matter how they try. Well just for your information Immunocal can help animals just as it does humans. If you go to my site you will see in my health section a video that has to do with healing a dog with Immunocal. I have a few testimonials regarding this. One concerns animal that had a serious infection and involved bone as well. No matter how the vet tried there was nothing else she could do.  However the owner who took Immunocal himself had listened to a call speaking on this very subject. Well you can probably guess what I am going to say, in low doses he gaves his animal Immunocal for a few weeks and low and behold the infection cleared up and the vet was amazed. So many people who take Immunocal themselves give it to there animals in low doses to aid in keeping them healthy, protecting them from illness, and even curing them from infection that might arise. As a firm believer in Immunocal to raise the immune system naturally as in people it also helps animals, dogs, cats, horses. I have testimonials to this effect. My new dog by the way is extremely happy where he is and loves to be able to run around in the nature that surrounds us. He is getting quite thicker and larger now and still very playful. My little one likes to play with him sometimes until his large paws start over powering her and she definitely knows how to give him a piece of her little mind.  Dogs have always been a part of my life since childhood and I find the enormous love they have to give is very rewarding and at times just fascinating as just a rub or pat on their head or body will make that tail wag showing their appreciation.  If you have ever considered getting a dog or cat I suggest it highly as you will receive so much love for just giving them love, food, water and protection. There are so many animals who need just a loving home and they expect so little in return just a warm place in the cold weather and a cool place in summer and the food to nourish them. But do make sure you are willing to take this responsibility on and able to care for them.  It hurts my heart so to see animals that are in puppy mills and or abused. I honestly do not understand why anyone could care so less for a little innocent puppy or even a grown dog for that matter and would hope they would be given the sentence they deserve. Well that’s all today for Dog Days see you soon with updates!


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Small Town Memorial Day   Leave a comment

Ah, this sleepy little town, Gilbert, which I am on the border of, has gone into it’s hibernation for the day to observe our beloved veterans for which by the way I am very humbled by and salute them for ultimate sacrifice they
give for us and our country. Today all is somewhat like a ghost town as the people of the community celebrate with their friends or families. As there are no major chains here grocery or otherwise. Gilbert’s
Community is very strict as to any business that desire to locate here. There is no red light even to make you wait for the little traffic that does occur. No sir, not here although the area is large and extends to the large Lake in South Carolina, the little town itself likes to keep things simple and the community prefers it that way. A pharmacy in the main town was finally allowed in but it did take a few years before the town of people resolved to actually using it, but no trips there today as it will be closed. This little pharmacy has grown though and has even two
locations now. You can find many things though even orthopedic type
shoes, very nice ones at that. Today some of the community may be saddened by its’ closing though because they just recently added an ice cream bar ooh and looks yummy taste test fantastic! So most people will be at home with family or friends or on the lake today. The ex-Mayor owns and operates the only feed store which anyone with animals you will likely see there as well usually one of the residential deputies just making sure all is well. If asked they will be more than happy to do a ride by to make sure all is well. I know when I owned a horse one of them used to ride by at night just to make sure he was alright. Can’t get any better than that people. Yes Gilbert knows that there is a larger town nearby which does have all the chains of foods people seek out and of course on this day many of locals will take that short trip for the delicious barbecue that a rather famous family owned restaurant has called “Shealys”. There are people that will come from all around just to taste some of their great barbecue, but don’t head there on a Sunday as it will be closed. In Gilbert, there is a nice Fire Department but they have already had their usual sell of barbecue of any type which they always sell once a year. The traffic, unless the
highly award winning schools let out is basically non existent today and
by the way there is no red light to control only the friendly community of people to wave you through. Yes today you will only find the local gas
station-Quick Shop for any needs you might have always willing to be of
help. So quiet the only sound you will hear are the birds, or farm animals talking, ahh the sweet sounds. So carry on sleepy little town and enjoy this great day to honor our veterans.

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What Amazes Me   Leave a comment

I occasionally see these infra-commercials, or spots not delegated to any particular programming, discussing some fantastic product that
promises to heal what ever. The news moderator somehow escapes
the more serious questions, or what real research is there behind
these products. Yet people are ready to open their wallets and get that
“special” offer because a few people give testimonials and what it did
for them. No solid research offered, no actual clinical trials, as the news
moderator seems to avoid these important questions, but yet people for
what ever reason at home, take the word of these people. Then there is
a product that has years of research, proved human clinical trials and
thousands of testimonials, and people won’t pay attention. Would someone please explain this to me because it just flat out amazes me.

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Fighting Back   1 comment

Every time I hear of someone dying of cancer it makes me sad, I wish I could announce to the world somehow that Immunocal fights cancer naturally & has been medically & scientifically proven to optimism your immune system, to do so. People there IS a fighting chance, if they would only investigate. With all Donna Summers money you would think someone would have told her, but contacting movie stars is virtually impossible unless you are one, and yet there are some on our products, but even they can’t reach them. One day hopefully everyone will know. Until then…

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Your work is going to fil…   Leave a comment

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.
Steve Jobs

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Life Is Like An Ocean   Leave a comment

There is a house built by the sea in lstarska, Croatia that stairway leads into the ocean. Can you imagine every day wading through the water to where you needed to be ?

I think life is a lot like that we must wade through our way of people to find the ones that are receptive to your ideas,or your advice or willingness to listen to what you have to say.

I realize that it would take alot of effort to wade deep into the waters to get to our destiny and what if when we arrived finally it was not how we perceived it to be do we wade back

and never attempt again to make the effort of that difficult trip or do we go forward regain our thoughts perhaps master a new technique to get through the water. So I see our travels to success being very similar to wading through that water. It is up to us I believe

to how we go about our challenges and goals,perhaps we need to change our technique of how we wade through the water or what we do when we get to our destination.

What do you think?






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Cancer Testimonail For Immunocal   Leave a comment

ancer Testimonial
health, cancer, Immunocal

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My name is Linda Welden. In April 2008, at age 54, I was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Two tumors had blocked ninety percent of my right lung, and there was concern that
My lung could collapse. It was then that I began my journey into the World of Sickness
Unfortunately, as an ex-smoker who had always used chemicals to clean my home, the
Combination of everyday stress, exposure to toxins, pesticides, highly processed foods
And much more had left my immune system vulnerable. I took Immunocal, but not
Faithfully, and I didn’t take enough to stop the invasion of cancer that was attacking
My body. I knew I needed more ammunition. As soon as I was diagnosed, I went
On Three packs of Immunocal Platinum and one pack of Immunocal, and I took it
Faithfully every day.
I asked my physicians to review the literature and research on this product. After they
Did so, they gave me their approval to stay on Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum.
My chemo and radiation treatments began at the beginning of May and ended in
August. The doctors were impressed at how well I did and the results were great.
The tumors decreased in size tremendously and I had no major side effects during my
In September, I went on two packs of Immunocal Platinum and two of Immunocal.
In January, my doctors were pleased to let me know the results of my latest CT scan-
There had been no new growth and I am now in remission.
You may be reading this and thinking “It won`t happen to me: I`m healthy“ Well, I felt
The same way, but it happened to me. It can unfortunately, happen to anyone.
The good news is that when you believe in something and you have faith and hope –
And when you give your body what it needs to fight this invader that has taken over
Your body, then you have the power and control to plow through any challenge.
Trust and faith in your medical team is just as important in the battle. There is no
Doubt in my mind how this amazing product helped me, along with my doctors who
Took such great interest in my health. I don`t know if I would be here otherwise.
It is now my mission to reach out and encourage people everywhere to take Immunocal
To keep their cells healthy. If you are facing any health challenge, Immunocal will help
Your body fight the war. I feel truly blessed because I found this amazing product. I
Continue to have a positive attitude: to choose hope over fear.
If you would like information about the benefits Immunocal, don’t hesitate to contact
Me. I would be honored to help you in any way I can.
To Your Good Health.
Linda Welden

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